Newly Wed Holding Hands On A Beach — Family Law in Idaho Falls, ID

Relationships can be very complex and you may find that you are falling in love again with someone who you thought you'd never want to see again. However, you and your former spouse must think carefully about whether or not this is a good idea.

If you feel like the problems in your marriage might have been the result of being young and immature, you may think that you’ll better be able to make your relationship work now that you are older and wiser. However, if you're still concerned about going through the same struggles that you faced during your last divorce, you might want to consider taking the following steps before walking down the aisle again.

Resolve the Problems in Your Relationship

If the problems that lead to your divorce are not resolved, you may find yourself in the same situation after you have restarted your marriage. And if you decide to get divorced again, you will have to undergo the same expenses. Therefore, you should try to resolve these issues before becoming married again.

One way to give yourself peace-of-mind is to take marriage courses or attend couples therapy. Another option is a marriage retreat. If you use every method available to you, you will have a better chance of restarting a successful marriage. If you have children, you should not let them know that you are trying to start your marriage again because you can give them false hope.

Speak with an Expert About Your Finances

You will want to speak with an attorney and a financial adviser, especially if financial concerns were what caused you to pursue a divorce in the first place. You will also want to communicate more with your partner about your financial expectations so that financial concerns do not drive a wedge between you and your partner.

Consider Getting a Prenuptial Agreement

You may also want to hire a lawyer for a prenuptial agreement. Normally, the state of Idaho will determine what happens to your property after a divorce. However, if you enter into a prenuptial agreement, you will be able to set the terms of your property rights.

Make Sure the Prenup Is Valid

For a prenuptial agreement to be valid, both parties must agree to execute the agreement. Both parties must fully disclose their situations at the time of the forming of the prenuptial agreement. And they must sign the document in front of a notary. 

A prenuptial agreement is useful not only after a divorce but also in the event of the death of a partner. The agreement determines whether a property is shared or whether it belongs to one partner or another. 

Your partner may be reluctant to enter into a prenuptial agreement, so you should have a conversation and explain why you believe this is important. When remarrying, this agreement can help ease some of the concern and reduce the amount of stress that you and your partner feel. 

Make sure that the agreement is signed at least 30 days before the wedding. Otherwise, the agreement might be considered invalid, and it could be contested as being coerced. Also, starting the process early will give you and your spouse plenty of time to discuss this important step.

Determine Who Is Responsible for Which Debts

Another consideration you and your spouse need to make is whether your debts will belong to both of you or if only one of you will be responsible. With a prenuptial agreement, you can establish who is responsible for which debts, household bills, and credit card charges.

If you feel that you need a lawyer to assist you in the process of getting married, or if you have discovered that you need another divorce, we're here to assist you. At Hart Law Offices, PC, we specialize in divorce and other related matters.