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If you’re embroiled in a dispute, whether it’s with a negligent driver who injured you or with a landlord who refuses to fix your rental property, you likely hope you can resolve the issue outside the courts. However, not every argument can be solved without outside help. In order to ensure you get the best outcome possible, you often need assistance from a qualified civil litigation lawyer.

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Unlike criminal law, where the state or federal government prosecutes a person or group accused of a crime, civil law revolves around individuals or private entities seeking restitution from another individual or private entity.

For instance, as a tenant, you sign a contract that constitutes a legal arrangement with your landlord. You might promise to keep pets off the property or notify the landlord of any necessary maintenance. In return, your landlord might promise to take care of maintenance in a timely, efficient manner. If either of you violates this contract, the other party could bring a civil litigation suit against the other.

A civil litigation lawyer handles personal injury suits, including medical malpractice and wrongful death cases; family law cases, including divorce settlements and child custody claims; real estate law; and any other lawsuit that doesn’t include criminal charges.
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