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No matter the circumstances of your divorce, it likely includes a degree of stress, anxiety, sadness, or residual anger. If you and your former spouse can't agree on the terms of a divorce, tensions rise, and no one-especially not the children of a divorce-comes out of the victor.

To find the best terms for both parties, many couples turn to a capable divorce lawyer who can help resolve disputes and find an acceptable settlement. If you live in St. Anthony, Rexburg, Pocatello, Salmon, Blackfoot, Rigby, Challis, or Idaho Falls, ID, turn to divorce lawyer Stephen Hart for qualified help.

Benefit From Legal Assistance Every Step of the Way

Divorce is much more complicated than it might appear initially. Even in an amicable, no-fault divorce, you have to file paperwork, divide assets, and resolve children's living situations. If there are a few issues that need to be worked out, the couple might pursue mediation or arbitration, which may or may not require a lawyer.

In a contested divorce, the issues become significantly more complicated. If you and your ex­ spouse can't agree on dividing debt and assets, paying spousal or child support, or determining child custody, you need an experienced divorce lawyer who can fight for an outcome in your family's best interests.

Whatever aspect of divorce law you need assistance with in Idaho Falls, ID, don't hesitate to reach out to Hart Law Offices, P.C. We have decades of experience representing clients in your exact situation.

Make Informed Legal Decisions

If you're going through a divorce, it's easy to feel like you're not in complete control of your life. We want to make sure our clients feel educated on their case so they can make informed decisions, so we always keep you in the loop as your litigation proceeds. We're here to offer support, explain any issues, and help you reassert control as you fight for your rights and those of your children.

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