Child Custody Lawyer in Idaho Falls, ID

Of all the issues that can come up during a divorce, none is more complicated or important than resolving child custody disputes. In a no-fault or uncontested divorce, both parties might quickly settle on a child custody arrangement and spousal or child support payments. In many cases, though, child support and child custody becomes a fraught, emotional issue where neither party can agree to terms.

If you need a child custody lawyer in Idaho Falls, ID, it’s crucial to reach out for experienced legal help. At Hart Law Offices, P.C., we work alongside you to achieve the best possible outcome for your family. Your children deserve to feel loved and to find the right custody situation post-divorce, and your legal team will dedicate all their resources towards achieving that result.
What You Should Know About Custody Agreements
When settling children’s living arrangements, judges consider which household will serve the child’s best interests. Most of the time, a joint custody agreement helps children feel more secure after a divorce. However, if either parent has a history of violence or abuse and won’t provide a safe home environment, the other parent will likely get sole custody.

Other factors a judge might consider include the child’s health and age and how much a move from one household to another might disrupt the child’s daily life. If you’re seeking sole or joint custody, the judge will look closely at your lifestyle, ability to take care of (including financially support) a child, and your relationship with the child.
How a Custody Lawyer Can Help
Instead of defending yourself in a child custody dispute, get help from a lawyer who can fight to protect your children’s best interests. At Hart Law Offices, P.C., high-conflict divorce and contested custody are two of our most frequent case types, and we have the experience to tackle your case as well.

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