Criminal Defense, Family Law, and Civil Litigation in Salmon, ID

Hart Law Offices, P.C. has decades of experience in many areas of law, including civil litigation, criminal defense, and family law. Whether you you're going through a divorce or facing DUI charges, our staff at Hart Law Offices is here for you through every step of the process. We are dedicated to helping the residents of Salmon, ID, navigate the complicated waters of the local court system.
Trust the Locals
Our office began in 1976 in Idaho Falls. In the years since then, our services have expanded to include cities throughout all of Southeast Idaho, including Arco, Driggs, Pocatello, and Salmon.

Because we have based our office in Idaho for the past 40 years, we have a comprehensive knowledge of all the inner workings of its legal system. Every state differs in the details of its law, and having a lawyer who is familiar with your state's legal system will ensure you get the best outcome possible.

We provide a thorough explanation of the particulars of your situation and the course of action we plan to take. Because we care about our clients, we make sure you understand exactly what is going on with your case.
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